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Before & After School Services

ABCCA provides Before care services from 6:30am-7:30am, and After-care services from 3:00pm-6:00pm for our working families. Parents are able to sign up upon enrollment or anytime throughout the year.


ABC Children’s Academy picks up after Public School for our School-Age Children in Russellville, Pottsville, Dardanelle, and Clarksville using our fleet of 15 passenger vans. We provide your child with snacks, homework assist, outdoor gross-motor play, and more!

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the School-age children and the Public Schools to ensure that children board our transportation vehicles – Parents are advised to call ABCCA if their child will not be transporting with us on days they are absent from public school.”

School Age Enrichment Summer Program

Parents don’t always get summers off work when school is out. Our Summer enrichment program is slam packed with fun creative activities ranging from trips to Petting Farms to Water Play Days. Our Kiddos will not be bored in the summers.

ABA Therapy

ABCCA believes in an inclusive environment. We have partnered with River Valley Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), to provide therapy through an evidence-based approach known for success in treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities. ABA therapy is backed by decades of proven research that shows it is the most effective intervention for helping people with autism achieve learning milestones and reduce challenging behavior.

The emphasis is on individualized treatment goals built to reduce challenging behaviors and improve skills around communication, social, play, cognitive, and adaptive learning.

We believe kids are uncut diamonds!

At ABC Children’s Academy, we encourage different approaches to your child’s education. We pride ourselves on environment-friendly classrooms, certified teachers, and the highest of safety standards.  Our goal is to accentuate the differences in our students, and help them grow through encouragement.

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