Creative Classrooms

Fostering Peer Relationships

ABCCA offer many curricular activities and play time for your child to develop many skills for their age group. We ensure every child will have a fantastic time interacting with activities such as dancing, painting, and more motor activities. We plan the different activities weekly so your child will have a blast everyday.

A Lil’ Dirt Never Hurt

At ABC Children’s Academy, we strive to adhere to current trends in Playground safety and Play Areas that encourage Developmentally Appropriate Play. We believe in children’s need for much needed nature and sunshine.  The more activities there are, the more your children have fun. So, rest assured as parents, we are providing the best and safest activities to build gross motor, social, and imaginative skills on the playground!

Developing Traditions

We celebrate holidays with parties and fun filled art activities that your child can bring home to you. Surprise local visitors may come in and interact with the class. We do our best connecting the communities with local event so your child sees some different scenery and learn even more from our official vans. Your children will have a lot of fun times with ABCCA.

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