Time to Dance

Your children will enjoy music daily and are encouraged to dance with their fellow peers. Music is played during playtime and curricular schedules that are planned the weekend before. When they are old enough, they are welcome to sing along with the music, which in turn motivate their peers to join in!

Social Interaction

Social skills are very important for your children to learn early on. Our daycare teaches your child to learn about displaying their emotions and understanding their peers by empathy. Using playtime, your child will develop joint attention, learn about taking turns, and cooperation with their friends. They will surely learn many words through their on-going interactive experiences!

Arts & Crafts

We provide many materials and receive donated materials for your children to let their creativity flow on paper. They will get to experience different mediums such as finger painting, water coloring, markers, and more. You even get to have some projects to take home and frame their masterpieces.

Cleanliness is a Must

Our daycare facilities take sanitation very strict as we know children are prone to sickness often. We do our best to disinfect and wipe down every afternoon after every child has been picked up to ensure a clean and neat daycare. Hand washing is mandatory and required of all staff before and after diaper changes, at meal times, and of course, throughout the day.

Playtime Activitiers

ABCCA offers State of the Art Playgrounds and Equipment for Active Learners such as your children. In recess, they are encouraged to go outside to the playground and to interact with their peers and toys. Our playground is enclosed and we closely monitor your children so they are always safe. Each facility have specific age-appropriate equipment for your child enjoyment. Indoors, we also have numerous age-appropriate toys for your children to help with their motor and mental growth. They will never be bored, that is for sure!

Nutritious Meals

At ABC Children’s Academy, we provide balance meals and snacks for your child everyday. We also participated in the Federal Funded Child Nutrition Program. If you know you will be a bit late to take your child for breakfast, call us to save a plate ahead of time. So there is no need to worry about your children nutrition, we got your back.

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