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Early Intervention Day Treatment (EIDT)

Does your child need caring therapists to help them grow and develop? We offer Early Intervention Dayhabilitation Treatment (EIDT) services to children with developmental disabilities or delays that require licensed therapy services in areas of Occupational, Physical, or Speech.

ABCCA partners with a licensed therapy company to offer therapy services for your child, while allowing them to attend preschool and prepare for kindergarten, all while receiving their therapies. This is a free, year-round, program using your child’s Medicaid (AR Kids A) as the funding source.

Does your child qualify for EIDT?

Your child would need to have Medicaid (ARKids-A) and qualify, or already receive, one or more of the following types of therapies:

Occupational Therapy – fine motor, grasping, sensory needs, dressing, other daily living activities

Physical Therapy – posture, balance, strength, rolling, jumping, walking

Speech Therapy – expressive and/or receptive language, articulation, stuttering

How to apply for EIDT and ABCCA

Do you have a concern for therapies?

We offer free developmental screenings, call our Central Office today!

ABCCA’s main centers are located in Russellville, Dardanelle, Dover, and Clarksville for your convenience. Please contact ABCCA Central Office by phone at 479-567-5650 to be directed to the appropriate location of choice to learn more about how you can apply!

Arkansas Better Chance Program (ABCSS)

ABCCA became a participant in the Arkansas Better Chance Program School for Success in 2004. With our certified teaching staff, we offer a high-quality curriculum-based program, that services children ages three to five, to ensure kindergarten readiness and that the children have the social and emotional skills needed to be successful. The program matches that of the school district in session from August to May each year. Children must turn three years old before August 1st of the current year and qualify income-wise to be eligible for this program. Call our Central Office to learn more!

Childcare Vouchers

We also accept Childcare Low-Income and Foster Vouchers from DHS. Contact your DHS department or our ABCCA Central Office for more information about the application.

Tuition Based

If your child does not qualify for any of the above programs, do not worry! We accept private pay rates for our Tuition-Based program as well!

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