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Employment Application (Rev. 08/22)

Please answer each question fully and accurately. No action can be taken on this application until all questions have been answered.
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Have you ever worked for ABC Children’s Academy before?
Do you have a checking account for Direct Deposit of your Paycheck?
Has a court ever denied you parent custodial or visitation rights due to child neglect or maltreatment?
Have you ever been convicted or have charges pending of a criminal offense of any kind?
Do you have any limitations that would restrict job performance or that would put children at risk?
Do you acknowledge that the use of marijuana either medically or recreationally while working in a childcare is not allowed according to Article 98 of the Arkansas Constitution?
Would you take a physical examination if required?
Are you now or have you ever used illegal drugs?
Would you be willing to take a drug screening?
Are you or your spouse a registered sex offender?
Are you now or do you expect to be engaged in other business or employment?

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